Worldwide Transport to your Boats Repair Shipyard

Whether you recently bought your boat or have had a lifelong with it, there is always the need to make repairs or refits on your ship. For example, a new owner will most likely want to refit the investment when purchasing a superyacht to match their style and upgrade it to different systems. Similarly, a yacht owner from the Caribbean will need to take their yacht to maintenance to check the engine or the worn-out deck gear. It is usually stressful to find the right shipyard in your location in either of those usual situations, like the Caribbean that has a limited shipyard.

It is better to outsource to a company that one can trust, a company with recognition and experience in both cases. Countries like the United States and Italy have some of the most recognized and original shipyards like Fincantieri, the benchmark operator in yacht refit and repair or  Amico & Co with about two centuries of  historic yachting industry and are based in Italy. When you have done such a great investment, you want to make sure the safest hands treat it.

After over 20 years in the marine industry, we understand that people who might live in the Caribbean or other areas with limited boat shipyards can see this as a significant challenge. This is why FMT Yacht Transport facilitates this decision. You don’t have to rely on a company you don’t trust; we will transport your boat from your local marina to the shipyard you choose. Once your boat is ready to return home, we’ll gladly repeat the process and return it safely.

Our goal is to provide the ultimate service and convenience; we facilitate and guide you through every step of the process. Once you know precisely who should fix or refit your boat, we will provide you with a quote for the transport and begin the process. We provide services across the globe; no matter where you need your yacht to be transported, we will get the job done.

When you work with FMT Yacht Transport, you deal with a full-service, global yacht transport company composed of a highly-trained team—providing different routes and locations to the Caribbean and routes to various locations in the Mediterranean. We are ready to transport your boat to where you need it and return it safely. Contact us to schedule your next transport or ask any question about our services through the contact 305-304-6148 or follow us on our social platform where we post the transport calendar weekly!

Don’t second doubt it; your investment and craft deserve the absolute best treatment, which means finding the correct repair shipyard to take care of your craft. You find your desired location and company and we’ll make sure it arrives and returns completely safely.