Why is Yacht Transport so specialized?

There is an infinite variety of shipping and transport services. Some of them are straightforward and have an overpopulated market like the cargo transport service. On the other side, there are transport services that  exclusively require extra logistical experience and care, for example- the yacht transport service.

Whether your yacht costs a couple of thousand dollars or is in the top millions, yacht transport is an extremely specific task and should only be trusted to experts with years of experience to prove.

Specific Logistics

There is a lot that plays when it comes to yacht transport logistics. You have to take into consideration the size and heavy lifting of the yacht, the exclusive materials needed to guarantee a safe lift of such pieces, and the masters that will take care of the loading. During each transport we have to do inspections, deck tests, study the specifications of each yacht being transported and create a transport method plan for each.

Our experts customize transport methods for every yacht, depending on its size and features it is transported in a container, Rolled on/off, Lifted ON/OFF, through the Flatrack method or others. 

Another key factor is the voyage, our head of office plans each voyage individually according to the demand for each route at different times of the year in order to provide the very best service for our customers. We have 25 years’ experience in logistic maritime planning and our large fleet provides us with a huge range of possibilities. Our experience allows us to transport yachts worldwide every two weeks. Any location you might need, we transport there successfully.

Why trust our specialized services with your yacht

When it comes to experience, we have years and uncountable transport to prove it. Our well-established network of boat shipping professionals and ship owners across the globe guarantees you access to hundreds of ships, the latest equipment and technology and the most experienced personnel. This allows us to provide the safest, fastest and most secure boat transportation services for your needs.

Our team. of experienced marine industry professionals is dedicated to providing the best service at the best price. They are not only highly qualified but are here to make you comfortable throughout the whole process. Fmt Yacht Transport will guide you through every step of the way and allow you to see your craft is safe with us.

For yacht shipping worldwide, FMT Yacht Transport is your trustable company, no matter the size, when and where.