Benefits of shipping your yacht through sea

Yachts are everyones’ baby, treasure, a second wife, or extra kid. It is something that makes you feel alive and gives you the tools to feel free. No one wants to have their yacht stationed in a marina year-round, even though it looks beautiful. You want to take it out for a ride and be able to travel with it, because what is the point of renting an unknown yacht when you vacation?

If you are traveling through the Mediterranean but want to attend the Ft Lauderdale Boat show, there is a perfect possibility: yacht transport by sea; and of course, this goes without worrying about the logistics under it.

The question is, should you ship your yacht through the sea or land? Here are the top 4 benefits of shipping it through the sea that might help you answer that question.

1. Safety of your yacht

There are risks in any type of transportation, but you want to make sure that there are the least amount of troubles when it comes to your yacht. One of the risk factors are the weather that can damage some equipment. However, since we carefully measure every environmental factor ahead of time that would not be the case and we can further protect the machinery through shrink wrap, securing all loose items, removing anchors from the desk and taping the hatches closed for transit. Through land there are many outside factors the owner can not control.

2. The smoothness of the process

Going hand in hand with safety, you want your yacht to have the smoothest transition in its transport. Compared to shipment by land and air, sea transportation offers the smoothest movement to your personal yacht. We have customized solutions for the method of your yacht, which has been studied and repeated thousands of times. It will either be easily rolled in, floated in, or lifted inside the vessel, which happens way slower and smoothly than in a cargo truck. Once it is in place, there is nothing that will significantly move your yacht.

3. Cost-effectiveness for your pocket

Yacht transportation will never be a ‘cheap’ labor, because at the end of the day, it is shipping precious and luxurious pieces; however, there is a way you can manage to get the best service for your bucks and make them count. Transit by the sea is for sure the most cost-effective option to move your loved goods. Ships can transport more goods in one single trip due to its carrying capacity, making the trip more affordable individually. For example, last month, we successfully shipped about 17 yachts/boats in one vessel to their destination. This contrasts to any air or land transportation option where they have to charge a higher rate for the 1-2 yachts they have space for.

After analyzing the benefits, shipping by sea has its clear advantages but if you have any questions, our specialists are always here to guide you and explain our methods. The most important factor when deciding to transport your yacht is your trust in the company and their experience. We create bonds with our clients that allow them to ship their yacht comfortably with us yearly; after 20+ years of experience in the maritime industry, they know they can count on us to deliver.