North America


FMT is offering regular charter sailings via Florida – Panama – Costa Rica – Mexico – Pacific Northwest.



These sailings are mainly designed to move yachts and boats who want to change their cruising grounds for the season chasing perfect weather and enjoying best sailing destinations depending on the season and owners desire for adventure and life style of owning boats. Pacific Northwest, Costa Rica and Mexico had always been preferred sailing destinations for many boat owners.

Whether you are chasing your dream to be in the perfect spot for sailing your boat or you purchased a boat and want it delivered to your home port, FMT has right sailings and schedules to move your boats. We welcome boat owners, captains, yacht management companies, boat manufacturers and boat brokers to board our vessels.

Our commitment on this route has displayed excellent performance record and solid schedules to move boats between via Florida – Panama – Costa Rica – Mexico – Pacific Northwest. Main ports called are Port Everglades – Cristobal – Golfito – La Paz – Ensenada –Victoria on the Westbound rotation and reverse ports on Eastbound rotation.

Having our offices located in Florida and West Coast, puts us in unique position to cater to North American clients with solid connections in North American maritime industry. We always have ships / vessels transporting yachts in North American and constantly working to build new allegiances and relationships with clients by offering great rates on yacht transport for any yachts / boats which require transport on cargo vessels.


FMT is well established on this route with solid reputation and great performance and safety records. Our website: www.fmtyachttransport.com has more information on our charters as well as few photos of recent sailings and projects. During our latest project we brought MV Kraszewski vessel to Florida and loaded full deck of yachts bound for West Coast and Asia. Ship took 18 yachts onboard ranging from 40’ to 130’ in LOA and included sailboats, catamarans, long distance cruisers, mega yachts and sleek designer yachts.

Here is a link with most recent project to show our clients type of planning, execution and performance which goes into planning a yacht transport vessel and loading: https://www.floridamaritimetrading.com/photo-gallery/

Check out project employing MV Kraszewski via Florida to West Coast and Asia. She is one of the best flagships in the industry with 640mt lifting capacity, capable crew and large deck.

Whenever possible, we believe in partnering up with other yacht transport companies on this route to offer our clients available deck space and yacht carriers with frequent schedules and flexible transport solutions to accommodate any size yachts by employing specialized heavy lift vessels geared with cranes to receive yachts ex water as well as float on / float off vessels to load mega yachts safely and efficiently.

In addition to yacht carriers, FMT offers liner service with multipurpose cargo vessels, container vessels available every two weeks via any of the USA ports to Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico and Pacific Northwest.

This allows us to offer door to door moves, customs clearance, trucking from port to marina on each end – all in logistics plan. For additional information on our liner transport methods such as flat racks, RO RO, please, visit this link with details: https://www.floridamaritimetrading.com/how-it-works/

This route and trade is one of our niche trades and we have competitive rates for any yachts and boats which need to be moved in North America. As we continued to bring ships and show up to load boats, our name and reputation on this trade had grown amongst in our home territory and we established ourselves as one of the major and reliable yacht carriers on this trade.

As of today and for the foreseeable future, we plan to continue running regular vessels on this route and offer our clients flexibility of monthly schedules. We welcome all yachts and boats to board our vessels and to experience convenience and flexibility of our service.

Complete Turn Key Services offered by FMT through our partners include:

  1. Shrink wrapping
  2. Providing marina and berthing while waiting for our vessels to load
  3. Sea towing from place of rest or auction to our vessel for boats which do not run for loading onboard our oceangoing vessels.
  4. Delivery of boats by professional crew ex water and by trucks ex land to load ports at origin and destination. We can offer door to door service and coordinate directly with shipyards, marinas to deliver boats to their sites by sea tow or crew once offloaded off from our vessels. (ask about special from Ensenada to California).


Here is the general rotation and port calls called on this route:


Westbound – Florida – Mexico – BC

Schedule: every 1- 2 months

Loading Port Everglades
Loading / offloading in Cristobal, Panama
Loading / Offloading in Golfito, Costa Rica

  • 14 days offloading in La Paz, Mexico
  • 20 days offloading in Victoria, BC

Eastbound – BC – Mexico – Florida

Schedule: every 1- 2 months

Loading Port Victoria BC
Loading / offloading in Ensenada, Mexico
Loading / Offloading in La Paz, Mexico

  • 14 days offloading in Golfito
  • 20 days offloading in Port Everglades, Florida