Mega Yachts

Any yacht over 100’ can be considered a mega yacht, but every single one of them is very special and unique and is designed to make its owner proud. These are high value yachts which require extra care in handling, loading and transporting on ships. We have expertise to do it right and prefer to use same experienced loadmasters on all our moves



shrink wrap

Seven Seas always recommends using shrink wrap for yachts and boats going on open weather deck to protect your yacht from weather elements while at sea. We offer shrink wrapping at most ports


We use Lloyd’s of London to issue All Cargo Risk Marine Insurance policy covering yachts for all risks with ocean transport.


If you yacht requires a cradle for transport, we will provide one for you at any port.


Our network of reliable customs agents worldwide gives clients peace of mind to handle any clearance.

hauling by truck

Seven Seas operates a fleet of company owned trucks with specialized lowboy trailers to haul any yacht up to 60’ in LOA. We can offer door to door service to include pick up of your boat from any marina worldwide, delivery to the port and ocean transport to the final destination.


When times comes to hire a skipper, we got you covered and offer reliable and experienced sea wolves to navigate your yacht.

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