Yachting to St. Helena

An unexpected beauty is trending in the world of yachting and St. Helena is her name. The enchanting St. Helena Island is a jewel in the South Atlantic and the ideal oasis when one is traveling from South America to Southwest Africa. This island beauty is remote, with a peaceful vibe.

The History of St. Helena

Portuguese explorer João da Nova and his crew discovered the island in 1502, named it St. Helena (for a feast day), and left. For nearly 90 years, the Portuguese kept the island a secret. Later in 1659, the East India Company established a small settlement to provision its fleet though St. Helena didn’t come under control of the British Monarch until 1815. Napoleon found himself exiled to the island in 1815 under guard of a plethora of British troops.

The Beauty of St. Helena

St. Helena’s rich history adds to the interest and intrigue of the island which is equally resplendent with natural beauty. From historic Georgian homes to the breathtaking views from the island peaks to the striking coastline, St. Helena is diverse and inviting, the perfect respite for yachter owners on their unique journey of discovery.

The island is home to a variety of endemic species – the wire bird, the golden sail spider, along with black cabbage, native dogwood, and gumwood trees, and many more. Considering millions of years of isolation and a land mass of only 47 miles, the island is filled with animals and plants found nowhere else in the world making an exploration of the island on foot (hiking and trekking) and by sea (scuba diving and snorkeling). In addition to the flora and fauna, the islands’ extinct volcano landscape features lovely foliage, naked rock, and painted desert.

Among the must see sites for yachters, is Jacob’s Ladder (an inclined plane from Jamestown to Ladder Hill circa 1829), the Heart Shaped Waterfall, Jonathan (the oldest known land vertebrate, a tortoise who arrived in 1882, whose age is estimated around 190 years or more), Diana’s Peak National Park (offering a panoramic view of the whole island), whale sharks (swim with them from January to March, and many more fascinating sights both historical and natural.

Yachting to St. Helena

St. Helena and her residents, the Saints, welcome yachters who often find their way to the island seeking a relaxing hiatus on their yachting voyages. On St. Helena, yachters will find all they need to continue their journey as well as a lovely island to explore and enjoy during their visit.