Celebrating Christmas about Your Yacht

Christmas and New Year Celebrations are meant to be celebrated by family and friends. What better place for a grand celebration than about your yacht, enjoying the revelry at sea or in exotic ports joining in the traditions of the locals.

At Sea

Christmas and New Year’s traditions at sea can take on an added nautical flair when compared to Christmas and New Year’s traditions at home. Having a Christmas tree on board is essential, whether it is a plastic, yet classic tree, a tropical palm, or a twisted driftwood tree. The tree in all its forms can still be decorated with lights, shells, and other traditional or nautical elements. Don’t be afraid to add lights all around the yacht, your family and friends on board will enjoy the display.

If kids are aboard, Santa can still put in an appearance, coming by launch or helicopter, to the delight of the children and the children at heart celebrating with you. The stockings can be hung in an opportune spot, so Santa can’t miss them. If no stockings are aboard, swim fins can work in a pinch! Think seaworthy when filling the “stockings” with beautiful shells, pirate garb (eye patches and head coverings), and maybe quality rum for the adults.

On Christmas Eve, light up the candles, and sing carols to your hearts content. You are at sea, so there will be no one to complain, unless your shipmates do. If you are at anchor and other yachts are nearby, don’t hesitate to invite them to come alongside and join in the songs.

Christmas morning should begin with gift opening, followed by an ocean worthy feast. It doesn’t have to be all that traditional – but consider the catch of the day as an apt replacement for the classic turkey! Whatever you and your shipmates will enjoy will be the perfect meal.

As New Year’s Eve approaches, be sure you have champagne and sparkling cider on board for the celebration. Add music and let the party begin! If you are near a port that offers a fireworks display, consider weighing anchor nearby to enjoy the show. There is nothing quite like watching fireworks over the ocean!

Here, at FMT Yacht transport, we wish you all the best in this upcoming new year. We also celebrate with a new website design to provide you all the best experience at Yacht Transport Services.

In Port

If choose to celebrate in port in a tropical location, take advantage of the local traditions and join in. In the Caribbean, you’ll no doubt enjoy swimming in the turquoise seas and sunning on the sandy beaches. Decorate your yacht in colorful hues and enjoy your family feast on board your yacht, but don’t miss the local church celebrations, amazing island music and dancing, and of course the parades at Christmas and New Year’s!

No matter where you are, enjoy your own traditions, but join in the local celebrations as well. You might find a new tradition for your family among the rituals, traditions, and customs of the locals!

Happy Holidays!