Yacht Shipping to Hong Kong takes 6 weeks

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Yet another safe, fast and efficient delivery completed by Seven Seas Yacht Transport!

The craft, a Rampage Sport Fishing Yachts model 41 Express with an overall length of 44 feet, a beam height of 16 feet and an overall height of 27.6 feet is a power boat weighing 30,000 lbs. She is valued at over half a million dollars.

She had to be transported from Port Norfolk in Virginia, USA to a destination in Hong Kong, a considerable journey on the USA-Asia route.

Dealing with dimensions and value of that caliber, the owners did their research and entrusted their prized craft to the established experts, Seven Seas Yacht Transport.

Using the Lift on – Lift off transfer method in conjunction with a custom-built cradle for hire, Seven Seas handled the entirety of the physical transport and logistics from start to end.

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