Yacht Shipping from Spain to USA takes 17 days


This gorgeous pleasure craft is a 2009 model of the popular Viking 52 Sport Yacht. With an overall length of 16.06m, overall height of 5.5m and a 5.31m beam, she tips the scales at a considerable 28 MT. She is valued currently at over USD 1,300,000.

Her owners entrusted Seven Seas with every step of her transfer between the two sunny cities of Palma de Mallorca in Spain and Port Everglades in Florida, USA.

We transported her using the Lift on – Lift off method from her European home to her American destination along the Europe to USA-NE Atlantic route. The Lift on – Lift off method allows for simple, yet stable and secure movement across large distances for a wide variety of vessels. Seven Seas crew are professionally qualified to undertake it and have many years of experience employing Lift on – Lift off.

The 17-day journey was completed without a hitch and, as you can see from the pictures, she tested the warm Florida waters immediately upon arrival and loved them!