How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Yacht to Europe?

During spring, the business of yacht shipping booms. People want to use their yacht in the Mediterranean, Latin America, and Asia, without sailing on them to these places. Many opt to fly and have their yachts delivered by shipping companies. Some might have just bought their yachts and they need them delivered.

You will need an experienced shipping company to ensure your boat is delivered in perfect condition, and in the shortest time possible. The cost of shipping a yacht to Europe depends on a couple of factors. The factors include the size of the yacht, the port of departure, destination, and the transportation method. We’ll explore some of these factors and find out how they influence the shipping cost.

Port of Departure

Most of the departure ports for yacht shipping boats are on the Caribbean coast. Florida ports are quite popular when it comes to handling big yachts. They are large and have the capacity to accommodate large ships that can transport a significant number of yachts.

Some popular ports include JAXPORT Cruise Terminal, Miami, Tampa, Port Everglades, and Port Canaveral; all in Florida. These and other Caribbean ports are popular because they are close to shipbuilding companies and they are strategically placed for transportation of the yachts all around the world.

Transport Method

Roll-On Roll-Off (Ro-Ro)

This option is mainly for boats that are on trailers. They are made to roll on to the deck of a shipping boat and then be strapped into position. They will then be made to roll off the boat at the destination. Yachts that are on cradles can be shipped with this method as well.

The only restriction to this method is that the yacht has to be under ’14. That’s because of the size of the cargo door. Anything taller than that will not fit. This is the cheapest method of shipping a yacht. Shipping to Europe from Florida ports is approximately $300 per foot.

Lift on Lift Off

This is for larger boats that will not fit through the cargo door. The yacht is basically lifted off the water and onto the deck with cranes. It is then strapped into position. At the destination, the boat will be lifted off the deck with a crane as well. This method could cost up to $1000 per foot to transport to Europe.

Semi-Submersible Vessels

These are for very large yachts that are difficult to lift. A semi-submersible carrier vessel lifts the yacht from beneath, ships it, and then drops it back in the water at the destination. The carrier submerges into the water, the yacht is then moved into position, divers secure the boat in position and finally, the carrier rises and lifts the yacht off the water. This method costs no less than $1000 per foot for yachts going to Europe.

Notice that the costs mentioned are in per foot basis. That means the size of the boat is a major factor that determines the overall cost of shipping a yacht. It is estimated that over 4000 yachts are transported by ship every year. It is a good idea to shop around a little first to find a yacht shipping company that you are comfortable with.