Boat Transport with Weekly Sailings Available To Most Ports With Conference Line Freighter Ships

cradle boat transport

We are able to offer competitive yacht transport serrvices with flexibility of weekly schedules from most ports worldwide by utilizing container ships and mixed freighter ships. Our experienced load masters and technological innovations allow us to use multiple transport and loading methods. Flat Racks are 40ft long platforms which work well for loading most boats by placing a cradle on flat rack or bed of flat racks and loading directly on deck.

Please, visit our photo and video gallery to see examples of loading methods. 

Seven Seas Yacht Transport has contracts in place with major ship lines covering most routes with on demand sailings. Boat transport is successfully executed when ships are available to accept client’s boats anywhere in the world. There are no port combinations or destinations which we decline – after all, we are called Seven Seas for a reason. 


cradle boat transport