NEW: Buy a Dream Yacht and Transport it Quickly and Easy

Buying your dream boat with all the paperwork done and transportation figured out sounds too good to be true and for years, we struggled on this idea too. But after high demand and finding the proper process for our clients we are proud to announce our new Brokerage services! Effective boat transportation to your home and local brokerage now all under one roof.

We were inspired to add this new service over our own clients and the struggles they communicated to us about buying a new boat and not completing the process or even being scammed by other yacht brokers. It is easy to find yourself lost when there are so many barriers when buying a boat. If purchasing a foreign boat, these barriers expand to being a language problem and completely changing the process. After 20+ years of experience in the marine and yachting industry, we develop a worldwide network of agents focused on sales, documentation, and management. We are ready to use them to make this transaction as easy and pleasing as possible.

Our all-included brokerage services begin with the boat search and on your end, it’s simply telling us precisely what kind of boat you are looking for. If you are looking for a Princess 78 Ft yacht with a cockpit, gallery, and hull windows, then tell us, we’ll match it. That information allows us to find the best match through auction houses like Harbor Shoppers or CooperCapital, with who we have personal relationships with or through our network.

When you’re in Turkey trying to buy a SuperYacht in Miami, it’s almost impossible to make sure all the conditions and specifications you desire are met simply because you are not there to inspect it. Not all brokers will go the extra mile to bring an inspector, which is why we fact-check it and conduct a survey as part of the process. We take the time to visit the boat, meet the seller/broker and check the facts of the conditions and details of the boat. Carrying out a survey in which the boat is subject to seat trials by a professional surveyor and providing you with a comprehensive report of all the results. Our goal is not to sell but to bring you a yacht in its best conditions.

Most of our clients end their yacht search or sadly get scammed when it comes to their boat’s negotiation and paperwork. It takes someone that has been in the business for years to have an intense negotiation and see through the inflated prices and excessive fees. We negotiate with the seller or local broker on your behalf, guaranteeing you will get the best and just price and conditions on your purchase. 

Lastly, if you are looking into repairing your boat or doing some specific service work, our network expands to professionals boat technicians to get this job done. The exclusive service guarantees a clean and effective result.

After 20 years in the business, we identified first-hard the challenges that people face when trying to buy a yacht and those challenges multiplying when the boat is in a foreign location. Clients complain of not having a local representative to guide them through the whole process; well, FMT Yacht Brokerage delivered. We simplify every yacht-related service to bring you your dream boat to the door ( or marina) of your home.