Yacht Cover types: Selecting the Right Yacht Cover.

There are many types of yacht or boat covers available. Each type of cover is suitable for a specific situation. It is important to understand the function of each cover so that you are able to select the right one for a certain purpose.

Yacht covers can either be custom or universal. Custom covers are those that are specifically made for your boat. Universal covers are made to be used on a variety of yachts. Custom covers are considered to be the best as they are made with the special needs of your boat in mind. Below are some of the popular types of yacht covers.

Bimini Tops

These are usually for small yachts whose dashboard is open. They cover the whole of the cockpit and they are supported by metal frames. Bimini tops are put up when needed and removed when they are no longer necessary. Most Bimini tops are made of a thick canvas material.

Bimini Curtains

Bimini curations are just an extension of Bimini tops. They are made of acrylic or vinyl materials so that they are transparent and they completely enclose the cockpit of the boat. They are designed for use when it starts raining and they are attached to the same metal frame holding the Bimini top.

Boom Awnings

Anyone whose yacht has a large deck will find the boom awnings cover very useful. They are used to create shade on any part of the boat. They are not restrained to just being fixed above the cockpit, they can be fixed at the back of the boat as well. They are very similar to any other awning shade tent. Boom awnings consist of a thick canvas top and metal frames.

Boat Covers

Boat covers are strong and measure fabrics that are used to cover the entire opening of the boat. They are mainly used when the boat is not in use and is in storage or under transportation. They are otherwise known as bow covers.

Mooring Covers

Mooring covers are just an improvement of bow covers and they cover the whole boat. They go all the way up to under the rub rail. These are the best when the yacht is being transported overseas while they are also perfect for covering the boat while in storage. The thick fabric protects the sensitive components of the boat cockpit from damage.

The various types mentioned will in most cases be made universally. You can have them custom made for you. Custom making also allows you to influence the design of the shades, and not necessarily follow the shapes of the types mentioned above. Vinyl, Acrylic, Canvas, Polyvinyl Composite are some of the most popular materials for yacht shade. They are many more materials available, especially if you choose to have the cover custom made.

Ultimately, your style, preference, and taste should determine which type of cover you get for your boat. It is paramount to ensure that the cover can provide some shade when it’s needed, and it can adequately protect the boat from adverse weather. It should be able to protect the boat while it is in storage as well.