Top 10 Cool Gadgets for Yacht Lovers

While there is a plethora of innovative gadgets to please the yacht lover in your life, let’s narrow it down and explore the Top 10 Cool Gadgets for Yacht Lovers.


Luci® Lights

These amazing inflatable solar lights are ready to float with your anywhere your yachting life takes you. Luci® comes in number of options offering options like the super bright light of Luci® Original, the softer light of the Luci® Lux and the Luci® Aura which promises the choice of eight color options. Because Luci® is solar, it is easily recharged in the sun, needs no electricity, and is the perfect gadget for anywhere on sea or land.


Paws Aboard Dog Boat Ladder

No yacht lover would ever leave their trusty pups on land while they sail the high seas. This handy invention lets your dogs take a swim with you and easily climb back aboard, no lifting is required with the Paws Aboard Dog Boat Ladder. Plus, its light weight, easy to carry along, install, and stow away.


Cuisipro Foam Soap Pump

This innovative foaming soap pump features a suction cup base to hold it in place while on board your yacht. The Cuisipro Foam Soap Pump holds 13.2 ounces of your favorite foaming soap and water and all hands stay clean while you’re aboard ship.


Water Leak Detectors

These handy gadgets can be placed anywhere on board to detect leaks. If the water leak detectors sense water, they sound the alarm, so you can take care of the problem pronto.



The innovators at Dry Corp have delivered on the perfect gizmo for yacht lovers – the must have DryCase which waterproofs all your electronic gadgets keeping them safe and secure while at sea. Electronics like smart phones, tablets, and more are safely sealed from the elements and still function at full capacity.


Canon Pixma Ip110 Wireless Mobile Printer

This printer, while small, is powerful. Simply plug the Canon Pixma iP110 Wireless Mobile Printer into your 110 outlet or while on board use the built-in lithium ion battery and print from your iPad or iPhone wherever the yacht takes you.


GoPro Camera

The GoPro is the perfect cutting-edge camera for sea adventures. Yacht lovers will enjoy the ability to capture all the special moments in port and at sea. The GoPro, which is waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof, mounts easily to bow, stern, mast, or virtually anywhere on board for the perfect shots!


Aeropress Coffee Maker

Brewing the perfect cup on board every time; the Aeropress Coffee Maker! Small, easy to clean, and a great cup of coffee – what is not to love?


Cockpit Wine Holder

This gimballed wine bottle holder by Snap-it! Clamps easily onto your stern rail and keeps your wine from tipping over. Not only will it hold your wine bottle, but your glasses as well. Cheers!


Kayak in a Backpack

If you really want to splurge on a cool gadget for you or your favorite yacht lover, the Kayak in a Backpack is the choice for you. This inflatable kayak fits neatly into your backpack, making it easy to carry along, and inflate when you’re ready for an off-yacht expedition.


Did we miss any gadget? please let our marketing team know so we can include it.