Choosing between Houseboat Transport Companies

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Your houseboat is your pride and joy a home away from home or perhaps even a home in itself. Transporting her can be a stressful affair because you have to leave your prized possession completely in the hands of others, maybe for the first time. You need a firm you can trust to display the same level of care for her as you do – you need a firm like Seven Seas.

Seven Seas has made a name for itself as one of the world’s foremost experts in unusual and complicated boat and yacht transportation. This includes the transport of oversize craft, vessels of unusual shape or boats that require unconventional care and specialized handling, and houseboats may fall into one or more of these categories.

How to Transport a Houseboat

The preparation to transport a houseboat is perhaps the most critical aspect of the process.

Firstly, logistical details like height and weight limitations at the point of origin and the destination marina have to be identified and planned for accordingly. Most houseboats will require a compatible hydraulic trailer and associated machinery for loading and unloading. The general height limitation for transport routes is 13’6″. Prepare your houseboat accordingly by un-mounting the radar arch, antennae, any flagpoles and the fly bridge as necessary.

PWCs and dinghies should be removed from their davits and stored securely on board. Likewise, other large items like anchors should be securely fastened for the journey. Fuel and water tanks should be drained to a minimum both to decrease transport weight and reduce risks from leakage. Remember to disconnect batteries as well.

Doors, hatches, portholes and windows should be locked to protect against the weather, the environment and also against theft.

At Seven Seas, we have the experience, connections and expertise in houseboat transport that allow us to ascertain all updated limitations and requirements for your craft relevant to the point of origin and destination of the journey. We can assist you to best prepare your craft for a safe and secure trip across both land and water.

Houseboat Transport Cost

The cost of transporting a houseboat – or any other vessel – depends on certain factors that are readily obvious – mileage, tonnage, insurance etc. However, to calculate the actual houseboat transport cost, you must also consider factors like the cost of escort vehicles and permits where required.

Some firms may quote a significantly lower amount, but the extras hidden in the fine print will actually cost you more.

At Seven Seas, we treat each client with honesty and dignity. When we quote you a price, we are open about every charge that is included and we welcome you to discuss all details with our knowledgeable, experienced staff for your own peace of mind.

A Recent Houseboat Transport Project

Seven Seas routinely handles houseboat transport projects and we have delighted clients all over the world with our speed, efficiency and professionalism.
Just recently in mid-May, we transported a Three Bouys 44 ft. houseboat from Vance, SC to Miami, FL.

This over-land transport by truck was a complicated challenge because of her 15’11” height. Seven Seas obtained the requisite oversize permits, pilot cars and secured a crane to substitute for a travel lift in addition to the standard fuel, insurance and loading charges.

The 3-day journey went off without a hitch as a result of our meticulous planning and left another houseboat owner beaming as he stepped on board his beloved vessel.

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