The Best Time To Ship A Boat

As a yacht owner, captain, or broker, there will be times when you need to ship a boat from one destination to another. And regardless of the situation requiring the transport – a new purchase, a repair, or a vacation – you want expert, quality, and timely service as well as a great price for shipping your boat. The professionals at FMT Yacht Transport understand exactly what you are looking for and can deliver on time at the best prices while protecting your interests every step of the way. The key to finding the best value is shipping at the right time.

Boat Shipping Options

When it comes to shipping your vessel, there are options, including lift on/lift off yacht transport ships, semisubmersibles, and overland transportation. Perhaps you purchased your yacht at a boat show while on holiday and now you need to get it home or maybe your yacht weathered the latest hurricane, but needs repairs, or possibly, you are just dreaming of cruising exotic locations like the South Pacific and realize that you need yacht transport to accomplish your goal. Whatever yacht transportation you choose, when you schedule the shipment can make all the difference in your cost and ultimately save you lots of money.

Shipping Your Boat

While there can be delays in boat transport, because weather often plays a factor, when choosing yacht transport, FMT is completely dependable covering all routes including liner service, charter by inducement, and conference line. Now is a great time to ship your yacht at the best prices available in the industry. FT Yacht Transport offers shipping from the United States around the World – the Caribbean, Mexico, Asia, South America, Europe, the Mediterranean, Australia, and more – as well as from the ports of the World to North America.

Shipping times vary depending on Departure and Destination points, you can check the current season sailing schedule anytime, but here is a list of some estimated times worldwide:

  • Port Everglades to St. Thomas – 3 days
  • Port Everglades to Ensenada – 12 days
  • Port Everglades to Genoa – 20 days
  • Port Everglades to Yokohama – 35 days
  • Antigua to Mobile – 5 days
  • Phuket to Port Everglades – 35 days
  • Hong Kong to Port Long Beach – 30 days
  • Singapore to Genoa – 30 days

Service is also available between the US and Australia as well as the newest addition which includes service form South America to North America. Virtually all destinations are available among the FMTYacht Transport and the all the continents with liner service and weekly sailings. FMT Yacht Transport is ready to transport your yacht to your home port safely and efficiently with outstanding service and the best price. At FMT  Yacht Transport, you can expect customized solutions to fit your unique scenario and circumstances.