$7 million Horizon E88 was being delivered to Golfito by Seven Seas

yacht shipping 88 Horizon

This time the craft was a super sleek and luxurious 2015 Horizon E88 with a price tag of almost $7 million. She was being transferred from Port Everglades, Florida to Golfito in Costa Rica where she will be utilized for charters in the waters of the Caribbean. The entire transfer process took Seven Seas just seven days to complete.

The Horizon was transported using a cradle custom-built for the purpose. The transfer method employed is Lift on – Lift off.

With an overall length (LOA) of 92.0 ft, a beam of 21.1 ft and a height of 37.0 ft, this 92 metric ton vessel boasts dimensions that can only be handled by select companies. Naturally, the owners chose Seven Seas to ensure that their investment arrived quickly, safely and without incident.

yacht shipping 88 Horizon

yacht transport loading 88 Horizon  Yacht transport 88 Horizon