4 Yachting Gear Wardrobe Essentials and Best Place to Find Them

Yachting Gear Wardrobe Essentials

Yacht Attire for 2019

They say that: “dots never date,” but neither do the navy sailing stripes of a classic Breton shirt. Whether you are participating in a sailing regatta, planning a sunset cruise or simply interested in creating a nautically-inspired preppy college look, check out these seafaring essentials and the top sailing gear brands which make them.

We’ve come a long way from the old-fashioned French sailor’s suit. Fashion designers and top clothing brands have certainly done their bit to elevate the nautical style. There is also something elegantly timeless about the sailing gear wardrobe essentials such the peacoat, boat shoes, chino pants and that ever-popular Breton striped shirt. Each of these classics has specific design and production features which define them. These characteristics have become fashionable, but they also had very practical design purposes which are still relevant today. Let’s look at some classic sailing clothing items and the top brands which produce them.

  1. The Breton Shirt:

Created by the Saint James clothing company in the 1800s for the French Navy, the 21 navy stripes found on these sailing shirts represent each of Napoleon’s fleet victories. The striped design was also favored as it made sailors who fell overboard more visible in the water.


  • Saint James is the leading brand when looking for historically authentic sailing shirts. The brand offers a range of fashionable adaptations of the classic nautical top in soft lightweight cotton or heavy weaves for keeping warm
  • La Ligne (USA)
  • Petit Bateau (UK)

  1. Boat Shoes:

Invented by Paul A. Sperry in 1935, the Top-Sider Boat Shoe’s rubber sole was designed to provide sailors with traction while moving around on deck.


  1. The Peacoat

The peacoat provides seafarers with protection from the harsh weather conditions at sea with their deep turn-up collars and double-breasted jackets. The first peacoats were donned by the Dutch Navy in the 1900s and the apparel was later adopted by the British and US Navies.


  1. Chino Pants:

Created for military use in the mid-19th century, these durable pants were originally manufactured in China (hence the name: “chinos”). The 100% cotton twill fabric was light-weight but durable which answered perfectly to military uniform needs. Originally, chinos were manufactured in earthy, neutral colors and this later inspired the use of camouflage designs in military wear.


  • Atelier & Repairs: Easily the most interesting of all the nautical clothing brands discussed here, and worth a mention. Atelier & Repairs create one-of-a-kind apparel although the style may not be for everyone. The company upcycles vintage khakis and applies small embroideries, patches, and detailing to deliver fashionable updates to the classic-styled pants.
  • Lacoste
  • Save Khaki