Lift On/Lift Off

Lift On/Lift Off

The Lift On – Lift Off yacht transport method is ideal for vessels ranging from 32 ft. to 150 ft. in length and up to 900 metric tons in weight.

In this boat transport method:

  • Your boat is driven up next to the transport ship
  • Heavy duty slings are placed under the hull of your boat by professional divers
  • The slings are attached to spreader bars
  • Cranes mounted on the ship lift your boat out of the water
  • The crane sets your boat onto a custom-built cradle on the transport ship
  • Your boat is secured to the cradle and the deck of the transport ship
  • Upon arrival at the destination, this procedure is reversed to discharge your boat

Seven Seas employs heavy lift ships for Lift On – Lift Off projects. Custom-built cradles are used to ensure that your craft is always safe and secure

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