Float On/Float off

Float On/Float off

The Float On – Float Off yacht transport method, also known as the Semi-Submersible, is extremely versatile. There is virtually no limit to the size and shape of yacht that can be transported.

In this boat transport method:

  • Your boat sails normally until it is alongside our specialized transport ship vThe transport deck of the ship is submerged
  • Your boat floats above the submerged portion of the transport ship
  • Special cradle systems are placed by divers under water
  • Water is slowly released and the transport ship deck rises
  • Upon arrival at the destination, this procedure is reversed to discharge your boat

The semi-submersible ships that use the Float On – Float Off method of yacht shipping travel along specific routes:

Seven Seas has strategic partnership with Rolldock group (operator of float on vessels) and can offer following schedules

U.S. East Coast

  • ·US Gulf / Houston / Bahamas
  • ·Port Everglades, Florida

The Mediterranean

Genoa, Italy

  • ·Fethiye, Turkey
  • ·Gibraltar

The Caribbean

  • ·Tortola and Antigua


N Europe

Antwerp / Rotterdam

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