Port of Newport RI, USA

The Port of Newport RI, USA has been the premiere center of yachting for many years, specifically the America’s Cup races. It is located in 280 Spring Street, Newport, Rhode Island. The Massachusetts Colony was a group of religious refugees who founded the Port of Newport in 1639. Because of its vast and beautiful harbor, it soon became one of the colonial North America’s most bustling seaports. From 1640 until the 20th century, the Port of Newport and the city of Providence shared the same town government. It was one of the five original rotating capitals of the State of Rhode Island until 1854. It shared that position with Providence until 1854. During its heyday as a seaport, a lot of merchants grew rich from participating in the trading industry. They traded slaves, molasses, and rum from New England to the West Indies and Africa. In 1727, James Franklin Jr. who is Benjamin Franklin’s brother, brought printing to the Port. The Newport Mercury newspaper was established in 1758 which until today is still a weekly publication. From 1776 to 1779, the British occupied the Port during the American Revolution. Majority of the merchants fled to the mainland. Today, the Port of Newport is home to the biggest collection of colonial buildings in the United States. It was where the Newport Jazz Festival was held from 1954 to 1971 before it moved to New York.

The Port of Newport has a scenic and picturesque beauty. It has been a consistent location of trade, commerce, and urbanization over the past few decades. Its neighborhood is a combination of peaceful and serene to bustling and active. There are so many activities to enjoy in this historic city. Chateau Sur Mer is an amazing landmark filled with High Victorian ceramics, architecture, stenciling, furniture and wallpapers. It served as the palatial residence since 1852 until the 1890s before the creation of the Vanderbilt houses. The Elms is the official residence of Mr. Edward Julius Berwind and his wife who were from New York and Philadelphia. Mr. Berwind worked in the coal industry and was able to make a fortune out of it.In 1898, the Berwinds asked the help of Horace Trambauer who was a Philadelphia based architect. They wanted him to build a house taking inspiration from the mid 18th century chateau d’Asnieres of France. He was able to built their majestic home which was soon designated as a National Historic Landmark. The Port of Newport is one of the country’s most popular tourist attractions as it offers a selection of intricate and wonderfully made mansions and architecture.