Port of Fort Lauderdale FL, USA

The port of Fort Lauderdale does consistently ranks as the world’s top three cruise and yacht transport destinations and this represents large volume trade in terms of the number (over 4 million on yearly basis) of people as well as cargo entering as well as leaving the port. The port opened in 1928 and it does occupy the municipalities of Dania Beach, Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale and Broward County in Florida. This port is a major economic hub and It is estimated that more than a million gallon of refined petroleum fuels do enter the port thus making Fort Lauderdale one of Florida’s economic powerhouses with estimated yearly economic revenue of $15.3 billion.

Fort Lauderdale boasts of perhaps the largest yacht collection across the shores of the United States and this has greatly transformed the hospitality industry in neighborhoods next to the port. Besides this, the neighborhoods comprise a mix of different cultures and this aspect makes Fort Lauderdale highly plausible for the kind of life it has to offer. There are a host of activities a person can engage in while at Fort Lauderdale. For instance you won’t get short of seeing people on shark catching expeditions as these are some aspects which makes this fort a truly interesting place.

The adjacent hotels are a true architectural masterpiece and next to the seafront you won’t fail to spot cruise ships and cruise lines which signals this port as one of the top local and international tourist paradise across the whole of America. If you would love to experience some really sightseeing option the only aspect you have to take great care of is the timing. The cruise landing as well as exits is really magical and besides that visitors can also sample the beautiful design of the Port Lauderdale coastline. One of the noticeable aspects of Fort Lauderdale is that the emerging real estate venture are really transforming its skylines and with this you can get to have an even more beautiful side of this amazing port.