Port of Manzanillo, Mexico

The Manzanillo, Mexico, is a popular hub for yacht transport. The port is located in Colima, on the Pacific Ocean. It is between Acapulco and Puerto Vallarta. Manzanillo port was opened in 1825. It derives its name from the manzanilla trees that grow in abundance in the area. The trees were used in the early times to build ships. Tourists can also do some shopping here and purchase things like T-shirts, pottery and baskets in the souvenir shops round the city. There are two shopping centers in this port city, the Salagua and Plaza Manzanillo.

The city is internationally known for the green flash phenomenon and deep-sea fishing. It is a popular destination joint with many hotels and resorts. It is the leading port in Mexico in the pacific region. It has a navigation canal with a depth of 46 feet thus making it able to accommodate most ships. Apart from containers, the port has been specifically designed for handling vegetables, grain, animal liquids, perishable products, and refrigerated items. Tourism ranks among the highest economic activities in the area, after the port and production of iron ore. There are varieties of things to do in this area. The weather is brilliant throughout the year. The beach receives more than 300 days of sunshine per year. It is close to the Sierra Madre Mountains which helps to maintain cool temperatures. The best time for visiting is between November and April during winter. There is the Isla Navidad, which is true haven for sightseeing. Golden beaches, reefs, and cliffs combine to form amazing scenery. It is a nice place to relax far away from the city noise. One of the best places for surfing in Mexico is the Cuyutlan just near the port. The entire area is filled with coconut and banana plantations. Those who love art can visit the cultural centre in Comala.