The Vancouver Yachting Paradise

British Columbia, Canada is one of North America’s prime boating destinations, and Vancouver, BC sits in the midst of this beautifully verdant coast of Canada. The Vancouver yacht business is one of the best in the industry and Seven Seas Yacht Transport offers turnkey service to our clients’ interest in exploring this spectacular coastline.

Boaters in this region have a choice between two of Canada’s great cities only 60 land miles apart: Vancouver and Victoria, each with their own personalities. Both cities are tucked on the edge of some of Canada’s most spectacular scenery. Vancouver is considered slightly more sophisticated than Victoria but it has a Bohemian, edgy side to it. Victoria, an easy ferry-ride away, is quieter and quainter with touches of English Victorian and Edwardian features. Both cities are worthy of exploration once you arrive in Vancouver to meet your boat because both offer world-class restaurants, parks, entertainment, and historical sites. For the active traveler, both indoor and outdoor sports are plentiful.

There are plenty of marinas on Vancouver Island and Victoria with most found along the eastern shores and on the Gulf Islands with many coastal towns offering public docking and moorage with amenities. Seven Seas Yacht Transport is happy to provide you with further information, but you also can learn more on the Harbour Authority Association of British Columbia’s website: http://www.haa.bc.ca.

The waters near Vancouver offer landscapes as beautiful as any other along the North American coastline does – from rugged coasts and sheltered inland waterways to open ocean. Once anchored, you will want to leave your boat or yacht at some point. The stark, natural beauty of the coast beckons boating visitors to get out and explore, so bring some sturdy walking shoes! The air is crisp and some of the cleanest in North America, even during summers.

There are several prime destinations for boats and yachts in the Vancouver, BC area.

Desolation Sound is made up of several islands and is one of the most popular boating destinations of this area with some unusually warm waters. There are dozens of coves and bays considered a boater’s summertime paradise each worthy of exploration. The views are equally spectacular whether on your yacht or on shore.

Broughton Islands are a bit remote which works to a boater’s advantage as there are few people yet plenty of marinas framed by the stunning nearby mountains and fjords. The nearby Yuculta Rapids, Archipelago, and Johnstone Straits are worth a visit.

If wildlife viewing is of interest then the Great Bear Rainforest with its bears, deer, and the rare Spirit Bear are here. There is also plenty of opportunities to watch the area’s great whales, sea lions, and porpoises.

The Gulf Islands are made up of more than a dozen islands with dozens of anchorage possibilities. The Gulf Islands are extremely popular with boaters given how close they are to Vancouver and Victoria. So if you want less boats around, this is not for you, but if a more lively time interests you, then you can head straight here after meeting your yacht. The Vancouver yacht businesses will tell you that you will never be bored or lack of moorage in the Gulf Islands. There are plenty of marinas and activities for boaters, especially on the Mayne, Penders, and Gabriola islands. Whatever you are looking for, once you meet your safely delivered yacht in Vancouver, this area is any boater’s paradise – from remote, quiet harbors to bustling small towns. Of course, you can opt to day sail and return each evening to the nighttime bustle and sophistication of Vancouver. The Vancouver yacht business is experienced, highly reputable and able to meet any the most discerning boater’s needs.