United Arabic Emirates – Sharjah: Vacation on a Yacht

From catamarans to luxury charters, from speedboats to traditional dhow, from experiencing amazing starry skies in the night boat voyages to touring the city’s famous Sharjah, UAE’s waters will astound. The gentle salty breeze, the caress of the flowing waters, the astounding sunset that blinds everything with a golden glow, the slow and beautiful rocking of the boat among many wonders, the sea is a palace of unparalleled majesty and unbridled splendor.

The United Arab Emirates – Sharjah: vacation on a yacht offers you endless travel possibilities for a heart throbbing experience. The exotic Sharjah city has been acclaimed for its rich cultural lineage. In 1998, it was recognized as the same by UNESCO, and in2014 awarded as the Islamic Cultural Capital by ISESCO. Traveling to this land of mosques and museums can be an unforgettable experience. But; the cherry on your cake would be getting this experience on a cruise that is known for enlightening visitors in the presence of the city’s culture and art.

Sharjah, covering 1610 square miles is the third largest Emirate in UAE. Apparently, it happens to be the only Emirate that stretches over both the Gulf of Omen and the Persian Gulf. It consists of a variety of scenic destinations with its heart lying squarely on the hustle and bustle of the city center. It is also spread into quieter towns, the enclaves of KhorFakkan, Kalba and Dibba Al Hisn among other fertile oasis areas.

Soak up the cool atmosphere of the magnificent mountain sceneries of Hatta or the heritage areas in the Souqs of Sharjah. You can pick from an array of Sharjah cruises that allow you to book a private yacht for you and your family. Rolling on Persian Gulf waters can be an amazingly exhilarating experience. What can be better in Sharjah than having a glimpse of this region with a yacht? Exotic travel with a state of the art motor cruise or a charter boat is also common and exciting in this city. When in this region, you are indeed blessed to get a chance of exploring Sharjah on a Dhow Dinner cruise.

We provide you many options for capturing the ethnic beauty of this city with a visit to Souq Al Arsah, Al MajarrahSouq, fish market, King Faisal Mosque, the Pearl Monument, and Blue Souq. With these tours, we not only offer you leisure and business travels of Sharjah in the warm feeling of cruising the Persian Gulf waters but in the least available time too in between many entertainment options the cruise provides.

Whether you are looking for a sightseeing experience, an island drop-off or an inter-island transportation, we have vessels for each occasion. Get a panoramic waterfront journey with your family and friends to get a lifetime tour of the lagoons. In this trip, you enjoy the view of walkways, skyscrapers, and bridges. The combination of history, culture and breathtaking beaches and landscapes make Sharjah a perfect yacht destination.

We seek to bring visitors a more intimate and knowledgeable experience with the sea in all its magnificence. Formoredetails, visit sevenseasus.com.