Get to US Virgin Islands – St.Thomas Destination via Boat and Yacht Transport Company

Get to US Virgin Islands – St.ThomasDestination via Boat and Yacht Transport Company Named for the original church established here by settlers coming with the Dutch East India Company – this island has changed hands many times. It was claimed by the Danish at one point, and for many years was a pirate haven. The pirates of the Caribbean may be long gone, but they are remembered on St.Thomas as part of what has made the island a trading hub and a magnet for seafarers for many long years.

If you like perfect white crystal sand beaches, and azure waters, if you like the finer things in life, as well as the beautiful, the US Virgin Islands – St.Thomas in particular – may be the spot for you. It may be that you have a busy schedule, or you simply do not fancy the trip yourself, but would simply love to have your beloved yacht or boat with you so that you can use St.Thomas as a base, and explore the hundreds of nearby islands. At sevenseasus.com, you will find that our international transport network is more than up to the task of shipping your yacht to St.Thomas ready for your arrival. We have many years of experience in boat and yacht transport.

Outside of the main towns, like Northside, St.Thomas is not as busy a place as you might think. The pace of life is still decidedly Caribbean. As you might imagine, a great many cruise ships stop here as they tour paradise. However, if you have your own boat you are free to roam where they cannot. You can still take advantage of the fantastic tourism delights that have grown up on St.Thomas as the steady stream of visitors continues to grow. You will find everything you need here to outfit yourself for a few days’ worth of adventuring on the archipelago.

The island was sold, along with nearby St.Croix and St.John, to the United States for a sum of around $25 million, in gold. Looking out over St.Thomas from one of its numerous overlook points, you can’t help but think that they got themselves a bargain.

Bluebeard still has a beach named after him, and Blackbeard has a tower. If there’s any treasure still hidden on the island the chances are it won’t ever be found, but you never know! It may still be worth having a look whilst you’re here. There are numerous wrecks and reefs in the clear tropical waters around the island, so diving is one way to delve into the island’s fascinating history. The United States bought the island, and indeed all of the US Virgin Islands to make sure they could secure a strategic advantage in the area ready for the completion of the Panama Canal.

Like the pirates who came before them, many of those servicemen who first glimpsed this beautiful island fell completely in love and have made their homes here. Whether you will go that far is another question entirely, but the fact is that you can make that decision at your leisure. Choose to ship your boat or yacht with sevenseasus.com, fly yourelf into Cyril E King International Airport, book yourself into one of the luxury hotels and start planning your Caribbean adventure.