Marmaris – The Enchanting, Hidden Gem of Turkey

So, are you thinking of taking your boat along with you to visit Marmaris, but you are not quite sure yet? If so, let this article tell you about this beautiful hidden gem that is Marmaris, and why you shouldn’t visit without your boat.

Marmaris is a secluded resort town, found in the Turkish Riviera. The area is often called the Turquoise Coast because of the unique and beautiful turquoise waters. Marmaris is known for its long seafront promenade and a one-of-a-kind pebbly beach. The place rarely gets boring as its home to a lot of music venues and open-air clubs during the night. The weather is also very welcoming. You get to enjoy a lot of sun and a cool breeze, a climate that is unique because Marmaris sits between pine-forested mountains on the back and clear waters on the front.

What to Do In Marmaris

So, you have now an introduction of what Marmaris is all about. Now, let’s explore a couple of fun things to do in this beautiful Turkish town.

* Iclemer Beach – Iclemer is a popular and beautiful resort found in the Marmaris area. At Iclemer beach, you can enjoy the fusion of the Aegean Sea and Mediterranean atmosphere. You will also have a picturesque view, with the Taurus Mountains for a backdrop. You can certainly enjoy a day with your boat simply looking at the beauty of the view and the waters. When the night comes, Iclemer beach welcomes you to the shore with a lively and fun nightlife.

* Scuba Diving And Snorkeling – Marmaris offers a lot of spots for you to enjoy the natural beauty of its underwater world. A myriad of vibrant fishes and corals awaits you at Marmaris’ diving spots. A few of these are Baca Cave, Sari Mehmet Cave, KeciAdasi Lighthouse, Hayitli Cave and Abdi Reis Cove.

Most of the unique attractions in Marmaris involve exploring the waters. Hence, it is highly advisable that you bring along your boat to fully enjoy what the place has to offer.

Boat Transport Service – Why Choose It

If you are taking a boat along with you, then you will need to transport the boat. You may have the option of moving the boat or have a service do it for you. Although, each of the options has its own pros and cons’, this article highly recommends that you opt for a small boat transport service because:

* Convenient – if you are transporting your boat by yourself, there are a lot of things that you need to pay attention. Opting for a boat transport service rids you of all the pains that come with transporting the boat yourself. All you need to do is call the service, set up the schedule, pay the necessary fees and that’s it. The boat will be picked-up and delivered at the location of your choice.

* Professional Care – transporting a boat entails a lot of potential problems. If you hire a boat transport service, you are able to take advantage of their expertise. That means, you will have a professional that will overlook the transport, spotting any potential dangers that you could never have spotted on your own. Because of this, your boat will arrive at your destination with lesser risk.

Marmaris is a hidden gem in Turkey. A place with pine-forest, mountains to the back and turquoise waters to the front. You simply wouldn’t want to visit the place without your boat. With a boat, you can fully enjoy Iclemer beach and diving and snorkeling spots. When it’s time to transport your boat, it’s highly recommended that you choose a small boat transport service as its more convenient and professionals will care your boat.