United Kingdom – Southampton – Sailboat Delivery

Southampton is the largest coastal city in South East England in the county of Hampshire. The coast city has one of the best natural harbours in the world. As a result, the city served as an important port during the early days of the transatlantic trade. In addition to that, many giant liners departed with emigrants for the Americas through this port. Even the Titanic passed through this port on its way to the Americas. Much of the city’s ancient infrastructure was heavily damaged during the Second World War, however, there is still a lot to see and do.

Major Attractions in the City

One of the City’s major attractions is the number of international and national events held here each year. For instance, the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race passes through this ancient city. Moreover, various cycling and racing events of international and national stature are held in this city. In this light, a bit of planning could see one participate in this fun-filled events.

The City’s ancient wall are another great attraction. From Western Esplanade, one can view the third longest stretch of walls in Britain. There are also other walls near Wind Whistle Tower. There is also a medieval church in the City, the only one of its called St. Michaels’. The church hosts many Norman relics and this will undoubtedly be of interest to visitors with such an interest.

The museums in and around the city are also noteworthy. These range from art museums to the Maritime museum, which reminds one of the old liners that once docked on the City’s ports. There is even a museum of a medieval merchant’s house. This is apparently an insightful look into how the people in medieval times lived.

The old town, located to the south of the city centre is another major attraction. There are many locations, which are associated with ancient famous men such Shakespeare, Henry V, and Jane Austen. The

Bargate, which is 800 years old, marks where the entrance for the city in medieval times was located. A number of plaques are laid from this gate to the waterside. This is in remembrance of a number of key events in the city’s history.

Located east of the old town, is Princess Alexandra Dock. This has been transformed into a modern shopping centre filled with boutiques of all kinds. There are also boat trips available, cinemas and gourmet restaurants. This area is known as Ocean Village. It is a great place for one looking to do some shopping during their visit to Southampton.

Another attraction in this city that is likely to impress is the Solent Sky Museum. The museum is a collection of photos and model crafts. It is a tribute to the city’s contribution to the development of modern aviation. Some of the pieces on display are the Supermarine, a racing seaplane, and the Sandringham flying boat.

Southampton is an awesome city to visit for sailors. This is just a few of the interesting activities and sights located in this ancient city. One should make it a point to visit the city in order to experience the city’s rich history first hand.