Monaco Destination – Get to Know the Best Marine Transport Logistics

The Principality of Monaco, as it is formally known, has a reputation as an excellent tourist destination and an iconic party hub that belies its small size. Spread over less than two square kilometers, it is considered one of the premier places in the world to see and be seen’.

If you have any type of sailing craft you want to transport to Monaco: marine transport logistics is what you need and exactly what we excel in delivering through our years of experience.

Monte Carlo, the capital of this tiny state, is famous for its harbor, which has been the docking station of the magnificent multi-million dollar yachts of royalty, celebrities and all manner of rich and famous visitors for decades.

La Condamine, the second oldest neighborhood of Monaco, is home to this world famous location that sports one of the most dazzling and coveted land and seascapes you could wish to see – Monte Carlo Harbor. Enjoy this scene as you sit at one of the many excellent waterfront cafés that line the harbor. It is also a great place to watch for Hollywood stars and renowned artists and musicians from across the globe. If money is no object in your escapade to Monaco: marine transport logistics can berth your vessel at Port de Fontvieille, the playground of the rich and famous that will allow you to moor at a cost running into thousands of dollars a day. This is the best place in Monaco to catch a glimpse of the most expensive and luxurious watercraft anywhere in the world.

If you have green thumbs, the JardinExotique (Portuguese for Exotic Garden) is a must-see. It is built on the side of a cliff that overlooks the city on one side and the world-famous Monte Carlo Harbor on the other. On your trip to Monaco: marine transport logistics from a name you can trust is essential; we can even position your boat so you can catch sight of it from the JardinExotique as you admire the unique vegetation, including plants that are more than 100 years old.

On the other hand, if you are more inclined towards fast-paced pursuits, the thrills and adrenaline inducement of the Monaco Grand Prix might be just your thing. Held annually in May, it is the first and one of only two Formula One races to be held on city streets (the other is the Singapore GP) and is considered an extremely difficult track for its sharp turns and corners.Experience the speed, noise and exhilaration of these products of the finest engineering racing at speeds in excess of 200 mph (325 kmh) that has been a fixture of the F1 calendar for over six decades.

pf you are seeking indoor thrills, the Monte Carlo Casino represents another icon of the small principality’s landscape that has been immortalized in film, including several editions of the James Bond franchise. In keeping with its immaculately opulent decor and its elite reputation, a strict dress code is enforced. Try your luck at roulette, blackjack, craps and Baccarat among other popular games of chance.

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