Use Independent Boat Haulers to Enjoy La Paz

Peace. That is what NuestraSeñora de La Pazmeans, and it is the perfect name and way to describe this port city that sits on the West coast of Mexico. Capital of the state of Baja California Sur, it is famous for its tranquil atmosphere, mild climate and high standard of living.

If you need to transport your vessel to La Paz independent boat haulers like Seven Seas U.S. are the ideal option. La Paz is a veritable haven for the marine enthusiast – the waters surrounding the city harbor are a combination of areas that are easy to navigate and those that are more challenging. Both novice and experienced sailors will find something that suits their individual preferences and matches their capabilities.

There are ample facilities for docking, repairs, refurbishments and sailing supplies, and the long stretches of coast and harbor side are lined with excellent eateries from which to watch the beautiful water and boats. This cosmopolitan scene is the heart of the local social scene.

In keeping with its tranquil reputation, La Paz is not a particularly popular spot for the relatively extreme water sports like jet skiing and surfing, although they are readily and widely available. But what it lacks for above the water’s surface, La Paz compensates for beneath the waves; almost a thousand individual species of marine life have already been discovered and identified off the coast in the Sea of Cortez.

The waters off the coast are very rich. Not only is the area on the annual whale migration route, it is also, where the females have their calves. If you are havingyour watercraft transported to La Paz independent boat haulers may take you along this route for the best and most intimate interaction with these amazing gentle giants of the sea.

If an idyllic day at the beach is more in keeping with your nature, you will be spoilt for choice in La Paz. Within minutes of the very center of the city, there is an almost endless chain of sun-drenched beaches with a unique character – they are all on the edge of the Baja desert. This makes for a spectacular panorama, a visually stunning mixture of blue sea, white sand, lush greenery and brown rock.

In the heart of the city itself is a treasure trove of history waiting to be discovered. Centuries old Jesuit buildings, precious artworks recovered from crumbling early monasteries and the intricately designed walls and ceilings of churches will satiate the history and culture buff.

The excellent seafood, made of the freshest catch is a highlight of La Paz. Perfectly prepared arlin, tuna, clams, oysters, lobsters and abalone – that is but a small sample of the gastronomic delights waiting for you here. The Baja is celebrated for its refreshing wines, and these offer an excellent accompaniment to the local fare. Meat is also popular, and is often seasoned with Damiana, a local herb renowned for its curative and aphrodisiacal properties.

Having your own vessel will make it even more fun and gratifying to discover the wonders of the beautiful coastal city of La Paz: independent boat haulers can ensure your vessel arrives there quickly and in excellent condition.