Genoa: Sailing the World

Genoa is a magnificent city located in the North of Italy, along the coast. The city has been a site of significant historical importance since its founding. As a result, there are many glorious landmarks to be found here. The City folk are also very friendly to visitors. They recognize the importance they play in the city’s survival.


Genoa’s main attraction is the Piazza de Ferrari. This magnificent town square is at the center of this throbbing tourist city. The perimeter of this town square is lined with magnificent buildings that are hundreds of years old. This is a great way to experience traditional European architecture from the past. At the center of this square is a magnificent fountain. This fountain is one of the City’s most elegant landmarks.

One of the most outstanding buildings to be found here is the Doges Palace. This palace was reduced to rubble during the Second World War, a dark time for this city. However, the Palace was rebuilt as an indication of the City’s reclamation of its glorious past. Close to, the sea is to be found the neighborhood of Boccadsasse, this lovely fishing village is a great place to relax and take in the scenery. All the buildings in this part of the City are painted in breathtaking shades of yellow and pink.

Another magnificent landmark of this beautiful Italian city is the Cattedrale di San Lorenzo. This magnificent cathedral is set in a rather odd place. The building contains designs from the various eras of

European architecture. This is an indication of the various efforts to renovate it over the centuries. In the bowels of the main cathedral in Genoa are some amazing artefacts. For instance, there is a bowl, which the people claim is the Holy Grail. In addition, there is a platter, which the locals claim it was where St. John’s head was present to the queen’s wife.

The city’s old town is a great place to visit. Although it was destroyed in the Second World War, it has since been rebuilt. The tiny streets are lined with cafes and quaint hotels to sample some of Italy’s magnificent cooking.

The list would not be complete without a mention of the Acquiro (aquarium) located close to the old Port. The city officials claim this is their top attraction. Children will especially love this place.

They can get an opportunity to view sharks, dolphins and other unique aquatic life. Close to this aquarium is a magnificent life call Bigo. It offers an unhindered view of the entire town and its magnificent hillsides.

Generally, one would find it hard to run out of things to do for five days in the magnificent town. The city is filled with nice museums and many ancient attractions that are so important for the city’s economic survival. Sailing the world would not be complete without a stop at Genoa. Visitors should have an easy time navigating through the city. This is due to the many tourist booths that are filled with useful information on the various attractions.