Must Have Boat Transportation Destination – Singapore

No country better espouses ‘East Meets West’ today than Singapore. A tiny nation that is literally a dot on a world map, it has become a giant of trade and industry and a global tourist destination. Just this year, it bagged the top gong of Asia’s best city destination and came in 5th globally in terms of international tourist numbers.

Boat transportation companies can also take full advantage of the fact that Singapore is fast becoming the cruise capital of Asia with several major cruise lines making permanent bases there. The development of harbor facilities is an added boost if you are visiting with your own boat.

The reputation Singapore garnered in the 1990s as a staid and characterless city of buildings has been transformed through a concerted effort made by the government since the millennium to embrace a more laid-back approach and take a shift towards promoting the arts. Don’t worry – they still did not relent on the rigorous enforcement of laws that rank it the second safest city in the world as well as the fifth cleanest.

Singapore is a multi-religious, multi-ethnic society consisting mainly of Chinese, Indian, Malay and Eurasian populations. Visitors arriving in Singapore using boat transportation companies will have no problems finding their way if they are lost, though – virtually all Singaporeans are fluent in English.

They also have a love for food and it is no wonder considering that the culture is a vibrant mix of various races and the numerous permutations between them. The result is cuisine that is an explosion of eclectic tastes for your tongue and a visual delight for the eyes. Better still, the cleanliness and hygiene standards rigorously enforced by the government on all eateries means that you can eat your fill without fear. But best of all, the food is considerably cheap!

The architecture of Singapore is mainly famous for its skyscrapers and ubiquitous suburban apartment blocks. However, explore a bit deeper and you will discover a rich architectural heritage going back to the time of the British over a century ago. There are also Indian and Chinese temples with intricate carvings and designs on their interior and exterior walls and roofs for the connoisseur to admire. Many of these are side by side, and it is common to see Chinese and Hindus worship at each other’s temples.

If the boat transportation companies you hire bring you here in September, make time to see the Formula One calendar’s only night race. With tiny Singapore being what it is, the races are held on the streets of the CBD and the proximity of the buildings makes for a reverberating auditory experience like none other.

There is something for everyone, no matter where your interests lie – the Singapore Zoo, Botanic Gardens and Night Safari, Marina Bay Sands Casino and Hotel together with its Sands Skypark, Resort World and Universal Studios on Sentosa Island and the giant Ferris wheel at Marina Bay, the Singapore Flyer.

This is the perfect time to visit Singapore as the island nation celebrates its 50th year of independence with sales, offers and giveaways galore. Get your boat transportation company to book your dock now.