Seven Seas Destination – Ensenada

Ensenadais locally referred to as La Cenicienta del Pacífico, “The Cinderella of the Pacific” is the very appropriate name of one of Mexico’s premier coastal tourist destinations. More urban than its sister city of Tijuana – and therefore also less crowded with throngs of teenage sun seekers – Ensenada offers the perfect getaway if you are seeking a place to dock your yacht on the West Coast of the Americas.

Boat moving companies cannot match the quality of transfer services that Seven Seas U.S. provides. You will be able to enjoy the sight of countless perfect beaches, incredible natural rock formations, and greenery in every shade and hue as you skim the coast of the world’s second largest peninsula.

The Ensenada entertainment scene is a varied, vibrant mix that caters to all tastes and personalities, and excels particularly in outdoor recreation. If it is water sports you are after, there is the standard range of surfing, jet skiing, windsailing, sea kayaking and many others to keep you occupied. If you prefer the calm silence beneath the waves, there is no shortage of beautiful scuba diving and snorkeling sites to discover.

If you would like to take your fun in the water to a completely new level, Ensenada is one of a limited number of places around the world where you can try your hand at a water jetpack. This amazing invention can propel a person 30 feet (10 meters) in the air above the water’s surface and can move them forwards over it at a speed of around 20 mph (32 kmh)! For the adventurous, this is an experience not to be missed.

The most majestic, serene creature of the sea, the grey whale, is a regular visitor to the waters off the city’s coast. Boat moving companies can even transport your vessel along the routes where these marvelous giants most often make their appearance so you can have up-close interaction with them.

Ensenada’s rocky rails and biking paths that run the length of the dazzling coastline are the perfect way to sightsee on horseback, mountain bike or simply by hiking. A popular attraction is the underwater cave that sporadically shoots water high in the air from an opening in the rocks, drenching visitors. With the clear blue sea and warm sun on one side, and the lush greenery and amazing rocky landscape on the other, both the outdoors enthusiast and nature lover will be glad for the trip to Ensenada: Boat moving companies like Seven Seas U.S. are the perfect way to make this alluring dream come true.

Ensenada also caters to the history buff – the Museum of the National Institute of Archaeology and History and the Museum of History both provide visitors with a detailed story of this town from its native origins to the arrival of the missionaries.

As would be expected from a coastal town, there is no shortage of delicious seafood. For the wine aficionado there is a number of vineyards that produce excellent wines, whichcomplement the local fare well. Of course, if tequila shots are more your style, there are rows of bars and clubs in the city that together provide one of the most exciting nightlife scenes anywhere.

If the alluring vision of Ensenada appeals to you, let Seven Seas U.S. move your boat there for you.