Port Of Marmaris, Turkey

Marmaris is one of the fascinating port with yacht transport just like most of the ports in Turkey. It is located in the south-west of Turkey where Aegean Sea meets the Mediterranean sea. It has hills stretching to the sea and great bays that add charm to the nearby cities. The port and the thick forest are the two values that keep the city running. This is one of the largest natural harbors in Turkey. Due to its wonderful bays and stretching sea beach, thousands of tourists visit the port every year. Most tourists who visit the port get acquainted with local and nearby attractions.

Being one of the most significant Mediterranean yacht transports, Marmaris is an excellent port to start your voyages and acquaintance with the coast. It is a beautiful port that has thousands of tourists. Its beaches and green environment attract beach lovers and tourists who love bird watching and hiking. Due to its closeness to the Rhodes Island, one can have a wonderful opportunity to visit two countries during a single trip. The charm about this port is hidden in its past. Marmaris used to be a fishing village but today it’s a modern port with resorts, hotels and great selection of modern style of living. Expect to enjoy bird watching, hiking, sun busking and interacting with the locals. The Port has a busy market, and there are various types of foods to choose from. Shopping in this port also deserves special attention due to numerous shops. Shops sell leather, carpets, natural sponges, clothes, sandals and traditional embroidery. In Marmaris, most of the hotels are suburn-style and stand along the coast where tourists love to sunbath.You can join fishermen and learn fishing or just enjoy the ride and understand how they work. It’s a beautiful port full of history and fun!