Port Of Ijmuiden, Netherlands

All those who love yacht transport know all too well that all of the seas and the oceans of the world are their playing field. When it comes to the mighty Atlantic, there not many places that provide such a unique experience for yacht-goers like Port Of Ijmuiden, Netherlands does. This port is located in the North Holland province and also acts as the main settlement in the municipality of Velsen. Ijmuiden was first settled before the Roman era, and the recent historical findings place an Iron Age port in the vicinity of the modern town. The research also points out that the location was of immense importance because of a religious site located nearby, which represented something exceedingly important to the ancient inhabitants of Ijmuiden region. Situated in the northern part of the Dutch mainland, the Port Of Ijmuiden, Netherlands is a gorgeous place which houses all the trademarks of this country, from the gentle green plains to the tucked-in canals and waterways. The same city is famous because of its ability to act as a Panamax port, meaning the ships that can sail through the Panama Canal can also dock here and use its infrastructure. The port is comprised of four different subsections: a harbor for merchant ships, a fishing dock, a dock for varied purposes and a harbor used only for pleasure crafts. There are plenty of things to see in the city, including maritime structures like great lighthouses, but also the Ijmuiden chateau with its impressive water tower. Visitors can also reach the center of the city, which houses about 30,000 visitors can see the commanding town hall, but also immerse themselves in the rich Dutch culture which combined the sea-born traditions of the North Sea with the gentle planes of the interior of the country. Today, a distinctive feature of the Port Of Ijmuiden, Netherlands is the fact that it is the biggest fishing port in the country while it provides plenty of possibilities for yacht owners to have a magnificent time, all at the same locations.