Port Of Gibraltar

Port of Gibraltar, also known as Gibraltar harbor, is a sea port consist of huge yacht transport facilities. This port is situated just in the British overseas territory of Gibraltar. Port of Gibraltar is a historically important port. Since the Napoleon wars, England are using this historic port as the supply and trade point to India. This port get accustomed with Suez canal and through this path British were executing all their trades and transactions with India subcontinent. Port of Gibraltar is situated in Spain but it is under the British dominance. Losing after the battle in 1704 to Britain, Spain lost the dominance over this port and it went to under British governance.

Port of Gibraltar is one of the modern and advanced port in the whole Europe. This port is full of various modern technological advancements. The whole port is well furnished and well strategically organized. The geological standing of this port has allowed it to serve both cargo and cruise ships. The overall view from up or front is so spectacular that you can’t help yourself taking a selfie. Beside the beauty, this port is historically and economically important. Port of Gibraltar is the medium to trade between dozens of countries. Especially, European-Asian trade got a new dimension using this port. A statistics has shown that around 4.2 ton products have been delivered through this port each year. Without the count of regular visitors, 3,01,361 passengers use this port each year to travel to another place. Overall, Port of Gibraltar is a great place for the tourist. The sight of this port is so spectacular that no one has never seen in any port like this. The combination of big cargo and cruise ships make this port very interesting. So, if you are passing some hectic, depressed days of your life then come to Port of Gobraltar and take a ride. You will feel the difference.