Port of Le Marin, Caribbean

FMT, the world’s leading yacht transport company proudly provides specialized, first-class services in the world-famous port of Le Marin, Caribbean. Boasting one of the biggest yacht harbour marinas in the entire Caribbean region, with more than 650 berths, Le Marin is located in the French overseas department of Martinique, in the protected bay called Cul de Sac, the most picturesque bay on the Southern Caribbean coast. With a rich tradition of excellence, Le Marin provides discerning yacht owners with a full-service marina, including 15 moorings specifically designed for superyachts as well as bilingual staff.

The Port of Le Marin in the sublime Fench island of Martinique offers cruising enthusiasts a delectable slice of sun-drenched exclusivity, breathtaking scenery, some of the world’s finest beaches, and warm, turquoise waters for the ultimate yachting experience. The marina office is typically open in the mornings and clearance is conveniently possible at one of its four computers. An excellent anchorage area lies in the mangroves nearby Pointe Marin and alternatively, a quiet and serene anchorage found in the quaint small town of St. Anne, where you can also find a clearance computer right next to the famous historic church Eglise du Marin, built in 1766. A major landmark in the Martinique island and Le Marin port’s neighborhood, this old church boasts an impressive marble altar as well as some figurettes that are definitely worth admiring. It is a breeze to stock on provisions in Le Marin, as the port offers an array of supermarkets with an impressive range of fresh produce to suit all tastes and preferences, as well as an eclectic mix of restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy local and international cuisine. Le Marin in Martinique is the port of choice for any sophisticated yacht owner looking to experience Caribbean at its finest, aboard their own yacht.