Port of Curacao, Caribbean

Today there are many ways to travel but for those who appreciate the best, yacht transport is the only way to go. There are many great places that a yacht can dock but none offers more than Curacao in the Caribbean. The port was first discovered by the Dutch West India Company in 1634 and would later become the center of the Dutch slave trade. But by 1840 the slave trade was long gone so the port was declared a free port to increase trade. In 1901 the first cruise ship arrived in the port establishing it as a premier vacation spot for sea going vessels. Today it is a thriving port and has much to offer the sea faring traveler.

The beauty of this port cannot be denied, whether it’s the miles of beautiful sand beaches or the crystal blue skies a day in Curacao promises to be breath taking. With a land are of only 448 square kilometers this small island has long been considered the most important harbor in the Caribbean. The port is located in the island’s only city, Willemstad. Here you will find a bustling city with all the restaurants, shopping, and entertainment that you would expect from a tourist heavy economy. Besides fun at the beaches Curacao has much to offer for entertainment. You could tour an ostrich farm, Hato caves, one of the great museums or spend a day at the sea aquarium. Your trip to Curacao wouldn’t be compete without tasting the cuisine. Due to its exposure to many cultures the food of Curacao has adopted the flavor and style of many peoples resulting in a cuisine all its own. Whether you spend your time on the beautiful beaches or exploring inland, Curacao has much to offer the traveler.