Costa Rica–Golfito

One of the most popular yacht transport destinations in Central America, the quaint port town of Golfito, Costa Rica serves up healthy doses of sun-drenched exclusivity, pristine natural beauty and abundant biodiversity. Costa Rica’s only town nestled in a declared protected area ( Golfito Wildlife Refuge), the port of Golfito is situated on a small gulf in Puntaneras Province on Costa Rica’s southern Pacific coast and is surrounded by extremely tall, luxurious rainforests. Originally a port specialized in banana exports during the 1950s, Golfito has since changed its purpose and reoriented toward the Duty-Free Shopping Centre as its major economic strength, alongside offering several small marinas and yachting/boating services.

Boasting some of Costa Rica’s best sandy beaches, with crystal clear and calm azure waters perfect for all kinds of water activities, as well as breathtaking views of Golfito Bay ( located within the famed Golfo Dulce) and the Pacific Ocean, the port of Golfito lies in close proximity to Puerto Jimenez, the largest town on the lush Osa Peninsula. The splendid, peaceful Wilson Botanical Gardens are only 50 km away, luring visitors with an impressive variety of plant, butterfly and bird species, while the sprawling, scenic Piedras Blancas National Park featuring evergreen forests, ideal for bird-watching, lies 46 km northwest of Golfito. Near Puerto Jimenez, visitors can feast their eyes on the spellbinding Corcovado National Park, touted by National Geographic “the most biologically intense place on Earth” and encompassing one of the world’s few remaining areas of lowland tropical forest brimming with an abundance of wildlife. Visitors to the picturesque port town of Golfito, Costa Rica can also enjoy unwinding on the quiet and relaxed tropical beach Playa Zancudo and the secluded, vacant beach town of Punta Banco or they can look forward to splashing good times in the incredibly warm waters near Pavones, a tranquil town south of Golfito that is very popular among surfing enthusiasts. Safe and easy water approach make the port of Golfito the ideal relaxing spot to stop and explore the beauty of Costa Rica aboard your private yacht.