Benefits of shipping your yacht through sea

Yachts are everyones’ baby, treasure, a second wife, or extra kid. It is something that makes you feel alive and gives you the tools to feel free. No one wants to have their yacht stationed in a marina year-round, even though it looks beautiful. You want to take it out for a ride and be […]

Why is Yacht Transport so specialized?

There is an infinite variety of shipping and transport services. Some of them are straightforward and have an overpopulated market like the cargo transport service. On the other side, there are transport services that  exclusively require extra logistical experience and care, for example- the yacht transport service. Whether your yacht costs a couple of thousand […]


June means two things, the start of summer and hurricane seasons. The season is not even halfway through, and the NAOO has already predicted another active hurricane season. At the moment, it is forecasted to be 13-20 named storms, 6-10 hurricanes, and 3-5 major hurricanes. If you are a boat owner and have been through […]

Worldwide Transport to your Boats Repair Shipyard

Whether you recently bought your boat or have had a lifelong with it, there is always the need to make repairs or refits on your ship. For example, a new owner will most likely want to refit the investment when purchasing a superyacht to match their style and upgrade it to different systems. Similarly, a […]


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